Here is an example of how we turned a “flyer” into 3 different types of social media posts and an email blurb.

The original flyer:

If you’re submitting this to CUE you will need the following:

  • A short description: Lebanon Family Health Services parenting workshop – Be the One – will start a new series for parents of young children beginning Sept 12
  • An optional long description: “BE THE ONE” allows parents the opportunity to examine and identify the skills to be resilient. Parent will identify the impact of early childhood trauma and how to build protective factors, identify strategies for parent/child bonding and how
    to maintain these bonds with conflict resolution, learn how to be an active parent through better communication skills, learn to assist their child in how to constructively express emotions, and implement more effective techniques for discipline.
  • Link to your website: http://lebanonfamilyhealth.org/education/parenting/
  • A photo (appropriate for social media)

After processing CUE staff will post the following:

On Facebook:

On Instagram:

On Twitter: